25 August 2011



Welcome to Yours For 8 Eyes!  The goal of this space is to provide information to all who are interested in learning about the fascinating creatures known as Jumping Spiders.  Jumping spiders are members of the family Salticidae (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salticid).  Salticids are unique among spiders for a couple of reasons, but are primarily known for their amazing vision and the fact that they hunt like tiny eight-legged cats.  They are also harmless.  That's right,  scary though they may look, jumping spiders are no threat to people. So why concern yourself with them?  Well, if you give them a chance they can open your eyes to a whole new part of our world that you have never experienced before!

Stay tuned for lots of exciting and wonderful information like:

  • New scientific discoveries
  • Myths debunked
  • Exciting photos
  • Reader questions answered
  • Much much more!
Cheers for now!