08 September 2011

Spotlight on the Genus Platycryptus

Hi everyone!

Today we're putting the spotlight on a jumping spider in the genus Platycryptus.  This genus is comprised of only 4 species and can be quite secretive.  They tend to have a very effective type of camouflage known as disruptive coloration.  What this means is that their bodies have patterns on them that make it harder for our eyes to see the outline of their body, much like the camouflage that is used by hunters and military personnel.  The pictures below where taken of a species commonly found around the Lincoln, NE USA area known as Platycryptus undatus.  For more information about this neat little species go check out BugGuide's blurb about them.

Platycryptus undatus on cement foundation of local house.

Platycryptus undatus face on view of same specimen.