18 December 2013

Robotic Salticids are taking over the world!

Well, ok maybe not so much... yet.  However, the ground work has been laid!  This stunning little piece of technology has me completely flabbergasted with its realistic motion and definitely wishing I had a LOT more disposable income. Take a look at the video below for a really nice demonstration by MythBuster's Adam Savage. If you'd rather skip most of the technical talk, jump to ~6:00 into the movie, though the whole thing is definitely worth watching.

Fine, fine, ok you win.  The take over, if it ever happens is still a long way off.  However, what this little invention does represent is the best robotic model of a spider's movement I've seen to date.  Not only does the robot move with the appropriate leg pattern, but it even tilts and rotates properly.  While it is very fragile still, the potential applications for this device are pretty astounding, especially for out reach purposes. A bit of paint, some plastic eyes to cover the admittedly cool monocular "eye," and you'd have quite the handy tool for teaching. I wonder if we could get some gecko tape for the feet... hmmm...